PUPSPrevent Unwanted Pets of cat spring
PUPS is a 501 (c)3 charity non-profit organization dedicated to helping
decrease the number of unwanted/euthanized animals in our area.  Our
mission is to assist people with the spaying and neutering of family pets,
feral cat (barn cat) colonies and abandoned animals to decrease pet

We subsidize (help pay for) the neutering or spaying of dogs and cats
whose owners need the financial aid.  We focus on families who are
low-income, or who just cannot currently afford the additional expense.  
Veterinarians in 7 counties west of Houston, Texas assist us by doing the
surgeries.  We are not a shelter, but have a limited number of foster
homes for a select few animals.  We will assist the community, along
with local animal control officers, by placing pets into their "forever"

We would also like to help out those who pick up and care for
abandoned animals in our area because not everybody has the financial
means to do so.  Even those who are financially stable may need help
when it comes to spaying/neutering an entire barn full of cats.

If you or anyone you know needs help paying to have their animal
spayed/neutered, please contact us using the information on the
"Contact Information" page.  The person/family with the animal will be
required to pay a certain amount and then PUPS will pay the remainder
of the bill directly to the clinic where the animal was spayed/neutered.

Hopefully PUPS can make a difference, and "No More Homeless Pets"
will become a reality. Thank you for visiting our site!
Since 2003, PUPS has helped to
spay and neuter
cats and dogs.  

PUPSPrevent Unwanted Petsof Cat spring * 1884 Bostik Rd * Cat Spring, Texas 78933
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Remember, all fundraising and administrative costs are donated to
every penny of your donation is applied directly to
spay/neuter costs!
We are so excited to be showcasing our fostered dogs
& puppies on

Every penny
will go to help folks pay for spays/neuters!
more about how PUPS
works one neuter at a
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